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A Taste of the Ranch

As part of our practice to share the knowledge of our animals and lands we routinely host classes on the ranch.  Our tour wagon, which we refurbished in 2013 and our tractor are used  to teach students about our operation while they ride around the pastures and interact with the animals. Routinely classes are too large to accommodate the entire group on the wagon at one time.  Our hope is to raise enough funds for a tipi to hold classes for part of the group while the other part is on the wagon part of the classroom experience.

We are starting with a tipi fundraiser and in the near future hope to also raise funds for a Tibetan yurt that will also be located on the ranch. This yurt will also be able to accommodate groups including those for overnights and weekends and would be able to have power and electric to host cooking classes for local foodies as well as farm to table events. 

The potential is limitless for the interactive experience our community and customers could have while here on the ranch.

To participate in this funding experience visit our link at : http://www.gofundme.com/pinemountainranch