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Yak combing begins at the end of March and continues until all the animals are combed out twice.  We sell the raw, uncombed fiber to spinners all over the United States.  If you are interested in purchasing fiber, contact us at info@pmrbuffalo.com  with your location and amount of fiber you would like.  Our fiber is priced by the ounce, and is priced according the current market prices being paid by other yak ranches and spinners.  We accept MC/VISA.

Yak down is the softest yak fiber and is the undercoat the animals grow for insulation in the colder months. It is shed in the spring and is wonderful stuff for woven and knitted garments. The down is a short fiber--about 1-1/2" long with some crimp, and it may be challenging to spin unless it has been carded into a roving.  The fineness of the yak down fiber could be equated to merino wool or cashmere, and close to qiviut (musk ox down). Yak down does not have the lanolin that makes sheep wool greasy, so you don't lose much in weight when it is washed. The other fibers are medium length (about 2-3 inches) guard hair that is usually mixed in with the down when it is combed out, and then the long, really coarse guard hair that creates the yak’s “skirt”. A rug woven from this guard hair would wear extremely well. (Excerpted from iyak.org).