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A Taste of the Ranch

Buffalo, Yak, or beef by the quarter, half or whole are available for year round delivery.  Deposits are $200 per quarter.  Delivery for our Portland customers is either at PSU Saturday market or Hillsdale Sunday Market through the winter.

Pricing:  Buffalo is $9.95 per pound of hanging weight and includes the cut and wrap.  A typical quarter will hang at 150 pounds and is cut from the front and hind.  This means you will get a variety of all the cuts we offer.  Approximately 50% of your order will be ground meat.  A hanging weight of 150 pounds will yield about 90 pounds of meat.  It will fill two or three shelves of a freezer, or two coolers.

Beef (all grass-fed, finished) is $7.95  per pound hanging and includes the cut and wrap.  A typical quarter will hang at 180 to 200 pounds and yield approximately 105 - 120 pounds of meat.

 We are offering yak by the 1/4, half or whole. Price is 8.95/lb on the hanging and includes cut and wrap. Delivery available year round.

It is possible to mix buffalo, yak.  We can do a buffalo/yak quarter, half or whole for $9.45 per pound plus $75 for the cut and wrap.