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A Taste of the Ranch

Our meats are 100 percent grass fed and never "finished". Eggs are laid by a variety of pasture grazing chickens. All our poultry is out on green pasture in portable poultry units and are supplemented with grains from a local mill.

We are not a co op of farms. We raise all our own products except for venison and elk. The State of Oregon does not grant  the necessary permits to raise these two species. Our elk and venison come from neighboring ranches in Central Oregon that adhere to the same pasture based practices we use.

Bones and offal are available all year. We offer marrow bones - which do not have any meat on them, soup bones - which are bones with meat, and carcass bones. Carcass bones are generally the ribs and shoulder areas of the animals.  All of these bones can be made into broth along the tenants of the Weston A Price method or the GAPS diet.

Heart, liver, tongue, kidneys, testicles, oxtail are also available, Liver is in one pound packages and is pre-sliced. It can be thawed, portioned out and refrozen.

"Paleo" ground was introduced in 2013. Available in buffalo and yak it includes the ground meat plus 5% liver and 5% heart.